Full name

David Carvajal (Ostake)


Illustrator and digital and multimedia designer.




I'm David Carvajal and my nick name for everything is Ostake :) I'm 20 years at this moment, I born and live today in Colombia.

My professional carrier is digital and multimedia desginer.. but! My pasion and my really professional focus is be a freelance illustrator.

Try to do better things always and do all of styles I try to join, is difficult to have a mian style but I thing.. I have one :)

I really want to be a great illustator with too much works to show and well... that is all? n_n Enjoy my portafolio and if you like my work visit my other pages where I post all of the process and other things I do.

A really big hug... -Ostake- :)


Illustrations, Chartacters, Environments, Graphic Design


Photoshop, illustrator, Premiere, 3ds max, GIMP, Dreamweaver, Blender, Illustrations, Video edition, Logos